Presently, our services are available within Bangalore only.


Traditional Stone grinding process: # We source premium quality handpicked whole grains which are processed on a natural stone-ground mill that runs at very slow speed (or low RPM). This replicates traditional hand-operated atta chakki and produce cold-pressed atta with all the nutrients intact. No adulteration: # To put it simple, with natural stone-ground mill nothing is added or taken away, whole grain goes-in and whole grain flour comes-out.

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Made to order (MTO) atta: # We start grinding only after you place order. This ensures atta reaches you in freshest form. # Packaged atta, you are eating today might not be fresh because it is milled weeks ago before it is available at your nearest store.


Eco-friendly packaging: # We use 100% food grade eco friendly packaging paper. We strictly avoid use of plastic laminated paper pouches or metalized pouches for packaging. Delivery: # We deliver fresh atta at your doorstep within 3-6 days after receiving your order. You can order online 24/7.

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