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Trapti Jain Aswani

Trapti is one of the founding members of “HAMARI CHAKKI”. She holds an MBA in HR and Finance. She has 5+ years of experience working in HR industry. She considers herself a forever student and fueled by her passion for understanding nuances of food industry and cooking.

She brings a wealth of experience in running a flour mill, which used to be her family’s traditional business for decades. She is thrilled for taking forward her family legacy of running flour mill as well as offering nutritious food to the society.

Sunita Yadav

Sunita is one of the founding members of “HAMARI CHAKKI”. She is an educationist, postgraduate in Journalism and Mass Communication and also holds postgraduate diploma (PGD) in Advertising and Marketing. She has worked as a lecturer for 2+ years.

She follows Ayurveda and practices yoga for healthy life. She strongly believes that every Indian kitchen is a dispensary in itself. With her consciousness towards health and wellness, she made significant changes in her kitchen and started educating family, friends and followers to adopt the natural living and healthy lifestyle.

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