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The idea of “HAMARI CHAKKI” was born from everyday dining table discussions and remembering those golden times when almost every house used to have an “ATTA CHAKKI” in our villages. Grains and millets would be grounded fresh every day to ensure healthy and tasty food. Past memories of grandmother’s “ATTA CHAKKI”, its soothing sound and fresh smell of atta falling-out of her chakki is nostalgic. An Indian grandmother is the greatest example of endless source of recipes, life lessons and a healthy lifestyle. So, one must get back to basics and start to follow our grandmother’s thumb rules: #Eat fresh, eat seasonal, eat everything, but in moderation.


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Health is a reflection of our eating habits along with the lifestyle. The food we eat these days is highly processed, refined, and filled with pesticides and chemical additives. This clearly explains why our parents and grandparents were more fit than us. Making a simple change in our food habits can make a huge difference in the long run in terms of health advantages. It is high time to bring back traditional methods of food processing and invest in healthy food practices. # Eat healthy, stay healthy.


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We are a team of farmers, engineers, management professionals and young enthusiasts who envision a healthy society by reviving traditional food processing methods. As a new age startup, we want to improve your experience of buying and eating one of most essential and often ignored elements of your diet, atta or flour. Therefore, we combine the art and science of Indian traditional grinding processing to bring fresh, healthy and nutritious atta back to your plate. We don’t just deliver atta, our goal is to change the way you see what atta can do to your overall health and wellness. Go ahead and try our atta today, you will see the difference in texture and taste yourself! # It’s time to get floured.

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